SMART Repair

Maximise the value of your car using Advance SMART repairs!

SMART (Small, Medium Area Repair Technique) is the process of repairing a car using specialised tools, paint and materials to give a 'good as new' finish on a localised damaged area - and not the whole panel like traditional body shops.

Types of damage that are suitable for Advance SMART repair include:

  • Scratch repair - from £35*
  • Paintless Dent repair - from £60*
  • Alloy wheel repair - from £65*
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment - from £65*
  • Exterior trim repair - from £120*
  • Bumper repair - from £120*

Why Choose Advance Vauxhall SMART Repair?

  • Fast and Easy
    Repairs can often be carried out within a few hours
  • Cost Effective
    A fraction of the price charged by traditional body shops
  • Maximise Resale Value
    SMART repairs will pay for themselves more often than not when it comes to selling your vehicle
  • Perfect Colour Matching
    Advance Motors specialists are able to match any factory production colour worldwide.

So if you need an expert SMART repair from a local specialist, call today on 01753 774 504 or fill the FORM for a free, no obligation quote!

Terms and Conditions

*prices depending on extent of damage. Prices are exc VAT. T's & Cs apply.