Vauxhall Partner Offers at Advance Vauxhall

Vauxhall Partners is our exclusive benefits programme for employees or members of selected companies or organisations. It gives great savings for you and your family, across a wide range of new Vauxhalls.

At Advance Vauxhall we already have some of the best Vauxhall offers in the country but if you qualify for our partners scheme you can save even more. Check out our new car offers page, contact your nearest Advance Vauxhall branch and see how much more you can save on the advertised offers.

Latest Vauxhall Partners Offers

View offers below or if you need any help simply call our Partners Helpline on 01753 744 844 or visit your nearest Advance Vauxhall showroom.

Who's Eligible? You qualify as a Vauxhall Partner if you’re a Vauxhall employee or pensioner, a Vauxhall Retailer employee or an employee/member of an associate company/organisation in Education, NHS, Councils, Emergency Services, Civil Service, Retail, Unions or Communications, Logistics and Utilities. You also qualify if you serve with HM Forces (based in the UK) or receive a Military pension.
Sign Up and Share It’s easy to join Vauxhall Partners and you can nominate a family member at the same time. Either contact us or visit the Vauxhall Partners website using your unique login code. If you don’t know your login code, either contact the retailer, your HR manager or similar. When you have joined, you and your nominees, between you, can purchase up to six cars per year. So why not share your benefit?

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