Vauxhall Associate Partners Discount Programme

Available in Slough, Watford and High Wycombe


At Advance Vauxhall we already have some of the best Vauxhall offers in the country but if you qualify for our partners scheme you can save even more. Check out our offers page, contact your nearest Advance Vauxhall branch and see how much more you can save on the advertised offers.

Am I Eligible?

  • Partners or spouse*
  • Parents and step-parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Step-brothers and step-sisters
  • Children and step-children

* 'Common law' spouses or same sex partners are also eligible. To satisfy the Company that a genuine partnership is involved, a copy of either a utility bill or credit card statement bearing the same address as the employee must be shown to the Vauxhall Retailer at the time of ordering.


How Does the Vauxhall Partner Scheme Work?

You and your immediate family can save big money off the list price of a brand new Vauxhall by being a GM employee or by working for a GM Retailer or an Associate Company. You can also enjoy generous discounts on factory-fitted options, delivery charges and lots more.

How easy is it to buy?

Buying your new car is easy - simply register onto the partners programme, then once verified, choose the vehicle and offer that suits you, then visit us here at Advance Vauxhall to receive the appropriate discount on the vehicle of your choice.

How can your family buy?

You have to officially nominate an eligible family member. Once you are registered as a Vauxhall Partner you can then nominate relatives by visiting:

What happens next?

Once the nomination has been verified, the nominee can then visit us at Advance Vauxhall and receive the appropriate discount on the vehicle of their choice.

If you need any help simply call our Partners Helpline on 01753 744 844 or visit your nearest Advance Vauxhall showroom.

Click HERE to download the full list of the employers and associations on the Vauxhall Associate Partners programme, there are over 350 at present.

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