We are pleased to announce start of sales for Grandland X, the newest member of Vauxhall’s ‘X’ SUV family. 

Combing striking design with outstanding versatility and innovative technology.​

Grandland X’s clean and crisp lines continue with Vauxhall’s ‘Sculptural Artistry meets Technical Precision’ design philosophy, Grandland X’s outstanding design is finished off with signature ‘double-wing’ LED daylight running lights and a striking black roof (on upper trim levels). Ergonomically certified AGR seats with heated front and rear seats, a power tailgate and a massive panoramic glass roof are just some of the premium features on Grandland X. With up to 1,652 litres of boot space and plenty of storage compartments including 60/40 split rear seats with FlexFold and a ski pass-through function on the rear centre seat, Grandland X has ample space whatever the adventure. Grandland X’s long list of innovative safety assistance systems ensures that it’s prepared for every eventuality. Highlights include: surround vision (360° camera), Adaptive Cruise Control, Driver Drowsiness Alert and Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. Grandland X’s engine portfolio offers both a diesel powertrain and a petrol powertrain that are extremely economical but yet offer great driving performance and flexibility. You can choose between manual and automatic transmissions. Grip Control enables maximum traction in various conditions and is also available for all powertrain variants. As with all new Vauxhalls, Grandland X is available with Vauxhall OnStar, which offers assistance and advice 24/7, 365 days a year at the push of a button. Grandland X’s audio systems (R 4.0 IntelliLink and the new Navi 5.0 IntelliLink) are highly connectable with smartphones via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

In short, Grandland X ensures that every journey becomes an adventure. 

Grandland X | Exterior Styling​

Strength, power and durability are Grandland X’s core design elements, its dominant presence is attributable to its upright character and bold graphics.
A striking grille design in high-gloss black reinforces Grandland’s wide stance and is crowned with the Vauxhall Griffin badge that sits in the centre, flanked by the logo bars.
The signature ‘double-wing’ daylight running lights flow seamlessly in from the logo bars and align to a bowed feature line, indicating a tensioned structure that gives Grandland X a compact, controlled yet powerful appearance.
Firmly planted on the road, the lower outer openings are accented with chrome to reinforce the width and stability of Grandland X when looking at it from the front.
The sculpted bonnet is long and wide, and features a precise crisp centre crease that represents Vauxhall’s ‘Sculptural Artistry meets Technical Precision’ design philosophy.
The characteristic Vauxhall blade featured in the lower door area is executed in an innovative new manner while retaining a recognisable resemblance to previous designs.

Muscular, sculpted wheel arches widen the perceived proportions of Grandland X and contribute towards its sense of power and robustness.
The break-through C pillar associated with Vauxhall design, integrates the optional coloured roof for a floating effect, which makes Grandland X truly eye-catching.
Roof rails in silver add to the typical SUV character while emphasising Grandland X’s height.
Chrome-framed upper window housing adds a feeling of dynamism, drama and elegance to the overall design.
The sharp-edged rear spoiler demonstrates the Grandland X’s cutting edge design that embodies an aerodynamic essence.
‘Double-wing’ LED tail lights are arranged in a pattern that conveys a high-tech look that fits with the rest of the Vauxhall line-up.
The full plastic tailgate allows for a very sculptural execution while helping to reduce weight for better handling and dynamics.
Silver-coloured skid plates add an upscale SUV look while the twin exhaust ports enhance the powerful poise of Grandland X planting it on the road. 

Grandland X | Interior Styling​

Welcoming, balanced and high-quality, Grandland X invites both driver and co-driver to its premium-feeling interior.
Technical precision is expressed through the meticulous quality built into every interface, continuing Vauxhall’s ‘Sculptural Artistry meets Technical Precision’ design philosophy.
Perceived high-quality materials and finishes, such as the soft-touch material used on the dashboard, the chrome accents and the attractive stitching found throughout, give a harmonious feeling of luxury.
The high seating position offers a commanding driving position, great for all-round visibility and effortless access into and out of the vehicle.
The sculptural wing shape of the instrument panel flows seamlessly into the doors, combining taut surfaces with expressive shapes and graceful lines that contribute towards the spacious and elegant design.
The generously sized touch screen is easily accessible and allows the vehicle to have fewer buttons, creating a calm and welcoming environment that is ergonomically oriented.
Logically arranged controls are split up into three zones, allowing direct access to key functions with the infotainment system on top of the HVAC controls below and the gear selector and Grip Control embedded in the centre console.
More than just storage space, the tunnel console runs through the cockpit and is decorated with foil-wrapped side panels and beautiful stitching details, emphasising the holistic quality of Grandland X. 

Grandland X Powertrains

Grandland X will have the following powertrains available from launch.  


  • 1.2i Turbo (130PS) Start / Stop 6 Speed Manual
  • 1.2i Turbo (130PS) Start / Stop 6 Speed Automatic


  • 1.6 (120PS) Turbo D S/S 6 Speed Manual
  • 1.6 (120PS) Turbo D S/S 6 Speed Automatic

*Grandland X Diesel engines feature BlueInjection Technology

Vauxhall OnStar 

Grandland X comes with OnStar fitted to every model as standard. OnStar offers customers a broad range of safety and comfort services. If an airbag deploys, OnStar will be alerted automatically. An advisor will then contact the vehicle to determine whether help is required. If there is no response, emergency responders are immediately sent to the exact location of the vehicle.

Drivers and passengers can reach OnStar 24/7 and 365 days a year. No matter whether they need roadside assistance or any other service – an OnStar advisor is always ready to help. OnStar also turns Grandland X into a 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Technology and Innovation

Grandland X is a showcase for innovative technology, great flexibility, high-level comfort and efficiency, the Grandland X sets new standards in the segment. Grandland X has innovative assistance systems to enable drivers to safely reach their destination with features such as Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Driver Drowsiness System and Grip Control which gives the vehicle traction normally only associated with four-wheel drive vehicles.

Grandland X also benefits from several key options such as ergonomically certified AGR seats, a heated steering wheel and a panoramic glass roof.

Key driver assistance systems and versatility solutions:

Park and Go Packs including:

  • Advanced park assist – which not only detects suitable parking spaces but also expertly steers into them for you. All you have to do is to drive forward or reverse and brake. The system works with both parallel and bay parking.
  • Side blind spot alert - helps prevent potential collisions with other vehicles ‘hidden’ in the vehicle’s side blind spots. If a vehicle enters one of the blind spots a warning light illuminates in the relevant door mirror.
  • Park and Go Pack Plus features a 360° panoramic rear camera - which detects traffic coming from the side, helping you reverse out of perpendicular parking spaces more safely.

Grip Contol - The Grip control System is designed to optimise traction in low-grip conditions. It adapts to the terrain by acting on the front wheels, in doing so this saves the weight normally associated with a more conventional four wheel drive system.

Advanced Grip Control® offers the driver a choice of five driving modes, accessed via a rotary dial on the centre console

  • ESP Off: Enables the disconnecting of the dynamic stability control (ESP) and traction aids (ASR/Grip Control), up to 31mph (50 km/h) to give the driver complete autonomy. These systems are automatically reconnected above this speed for safety.
  • ESP Standard (Normal Mode): Calibrated system with a low, fixed level of wheel spin based on a compromise between the different types of grip generally encountered in normal day to day driving
  • Snow Mode: The system adapts to the grip conditions encountered by each wheel when starting. When advancing, the system optimizes wheel spin to guarantee the best acceleration based on the available traction. Recommended in cases of deep snow and steep inclines. (Active up to 30 mph)
  • Mud Mode: This mode authorises a lot of wheel spin at start-up for the wheel with the least grip, this removes mud and re-establishes traction. Meanwhile, the wheel with the most grip is provided with the most torque possible. (active up to 50mph)
  • Sand Mode: This mode allows a small amount of simultaneous wheel spin on the two drive wheels, enabling the vehicle to advance and reduce the risk of sinking. (active up to 75mph)

Keyless Open and Start - Simply get in and start the engine without having to find the keys.

  • All 4 doors and boot can be opened without a key.
  • Keyless start via start button.
  • Capacitive door handles that offer an appealing design and are technologically advanced.

Heated windscreen - The heated windscreen improves comfort during the winter season.

  • Improves visibility and therefore safety.
  • Avoids the windscreen fogging-up.

Grandland X is available in range of exciting colours from vibrant red and blue to sophisticated greys and black and with a range of interior trims.

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