Vauxhall Design Boss Discusses GT

The incredible new Vauxhall GT has certainly caught the eye after being recently revealed, and now one of the major players behind the scenes, Design boss, Mark Adams, has had his say on the GT, what inspired it, and where he hopes it will take the company moving forward.

He said: “This project allowed us to expand on what Vauxhall could be going forward. We are not looking in the rear-view mirror. We want to be progressive.”

Adams also believes this project has exceeded the ambitions of previous concepts, adding: “We wanted to try things that even we didn’t think were possible. We didn’t want to create all the usual interfaces. We also wanted to simplify the number of cut lines.”

Despite the incredible exterior aesthetics of the GT, it’s important to note the beautifully crafted interior too. Adams said: “We wanted to reduce everything to the minimum. The interior harks back to our cars from the sixties. Recently, things have become more bulky, but here we wanted to go back to the fundamentals of light weight and simplicity.”

Concepts generally are seen as previews of models to come and it looks like the first new Vauxhall to benefit from some of these styling features could be the next Insignia. Adams however remains tight lipped on that particular subject, saying: “The GT’s a projection of where our brand is going over the next seven to eight years. This previews other models in our portfolio – but if I told you what they were, then I’d have to kill you!”

If you want to see plenty of pictures and video footage of the new Vauxhall GT Concept, as well as the latest industry news and views, you don’t have too long to wait, as it makes its full debut in Geneva next month.