Ampera-e Heading to UK?

The Opel Group are currently investigation ways that a new Ampera-e, which was recently unveiled in Germany could make its way across to the UK under the Vauxhall badge.

As you might have guessed from the name, the Ampera-e is a fully electric vehicle which recently made its debut in Germany, and is based on the Chevrolet Bolt EV which is currently available on the US market. This is just one part of a mission to develop 29 models in total before we hit 2020.

Whilst the Ampera-e is currently confirmed in parts of Europe, whether it will ultimately make that journey to the UK remains somewhat up in the air. Sources suggest though that it is likely sooner or later, although one Vauxhall UK spokesman said "markets had yet to be defined".

The Ampera-e will sell based on the principle of the model offering longer electric range than the majority of competitors on the market, with the previously mentioned Bolt EV currently achieving 200 miles on a single charge. If that can be replicated then Ampera-e certainly looks set to achieve its aim. Potential competitors such as the Nissan Leaf, which is currently on UK roads, can only make it to 155 on a full charge, and does also hold a larger battery.

Opel group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann said: “Electric vehicles have the potential to make a significant contribution to climate protection and emissions reduction. The new Ampera-e will open the road to electric mobility by breaking down the barriers of high price and short driving range.”

Any kind of pricing structure for a potential UK market launch is understandably a way off. However, the US Bolt’s value of $37,500 can be translated to around £26,000. Assuming that is somewhere close we would be looking at a pricing similar to that of the BMW 3 Series as well as the upcoming Tesla Model 3, which will be revealed at the end of March.

Ampera-e front
Ampera-e back