Why Finance Through a Dealership?

Using dealership finance offers you to opportunity to get into you next new car quickly and often cheaper than conventional funding solutions. Using finance options at Advance Vauxhall we can offer a flexible payment structures tailored to you, your car acts as the security on the loan so other finance is available to you for any future purchases and we can often get you a decision while your still in the showroom and we will arrange all the paperwork.

General Car Finance FAQs

1. Should I lease or finance a car?

Both leasing and financing work for different circumstances. Speak to one of our experts who will help you make the right decision.

2. Can I afford car finance?

Your ability to afford the deposit and monthly payments will depend both on your personal circumstances and the type of finance that best meets your needs. Always discuss your options with a finance specialist before making an application.

3. I can't afford finance. What do I do?

Please do not take out a finance agreement if you know you cannot afford the vehicle. You may wish to look at an Approved Used car or other forms of transport.

4. How does 0% finance work?

With a 0% finance deal you pay no interest on the money you've borrowed to buy your car. As with any contract, always check the terms and conditions carefully to see what deposit and monthly repayments are required and whether the 0% deal ends at any point.

5. How does interest on car finance work?

This depends on your exact plan, but when you finance a car you generally borrow money and repay it over time. You will pay interest on the amount you borrow, which increases the overall price of the car.

6. Where can I find advice on financing a car?

For advice about financing a car, speak to our experts. They will ask you all the right questions to understand your circumstances and what finance deal suits you best.

7. What are the benefits of financing a car?

With car finance, you avoid paying the full car price upfront in cash. It allows you to spread your costs over a more manageable period of time. That means you're likely to get a better car than you would when paying outright. Car finance is also often much more straightforward than applying for a standard loan.

8. Should I finance a used car?

Just as with new cars, it is possible to do this. However, it's always important to discuss your personal circumstances with an expert first to see which purchase option is best for you.

9. Should I finance a car simply to build credit?

It is always best to only apply for credit when you need it.

10. Can I finance a car on behalf of someone else?

If you are not going to be the registered owner or keeper of the car, this can be very difficult. The concept isn't illegal but if finance companies have deemed someone too risky to finance, they will not lend to someone else on their behalf either as there is still an increased chance of payments not being made.

11. Can I finance a car without a driving licence?

It depends on the lender, but yes it is possible to finance a car without a licence.

12. Can I finance a car if I don't have a job?

It depends on the lender. You will most likely need a guarantor – a third party who can step in and make payments for you if necessary.

13. Can I finance a car without insurance?

In the UK, all vehicles must be insured – even if they are not being driven.

14. Can I finance a car while on a part-time job?

This will depend on your monthly repayments and the amount you earn. You will need to make sure you can afford the car finance you take out. Some specialist lenders can help you with this.

15. What happens if my finance car is stolen?

You are still liable for the finance outstanding. If you have GAP insurance, you can use this cover to make up the shortfall.

16. What happens if my financed car is crashed or written off?

You are still liable for the finance outstanding. If you have GAP insurance, you can use this cover to make up the shortfall.

17. I've been refused car finance; what should I do?

If you are refused finance it is worth asking the finance company to give you any possible details as to why. From this you can determine the best next steps for financing your car. It's best not to keep applying until you have a good understanding of the refusal, as this can negatively affect your credit rating.

18. Can I voluntarily terminate my car finance agreement?

Yes, providing you give notice in writing within the first 14 days of the agreement.

19. What car finance can I afford?

This will depend completely on your individual circumstances. Speak to our finance experts today for tailored advice.