Advance Vauxhall Careers

At Advance Vauxhall are always looking to welcome new members to the team, whether your expertise is in sales, service / parts, or customer relations. We welcome applications from outside the automotive industry as experience is often transferrable. We also have a number of apprenticeship positions each year throughout the business, to develop the talent for the future. Our company is dedicated to providing the very best service, so if you share our passion for the automotive industry and a desire to achieve the very best, contact us today.

Our Current Vacancies

Job Reference Job Title Location Closing Date Link
BM6 Business Manager High Wycombe 30/11/2017
SA6 Service Advisor H/W High Wycombe 30/11/2017
SE6 Sales Executive High Wycombe 30/11/2017
VT6 Vehicle Technician High Wycombe 30/11/2017
VT1 Vehicle Technician Slough 30/11/2017
BM1 Showroom Manager Slough 30/11/2017
BD1 Bodyshop Driver (Part Time) Ajax Avenue, Slough 30/11/2017
SA1 Service Advisor Slough 30/11/2017
AM1 Aftersales Manager All 30/11/2017
TR01 Telephonist / Receptionist Slough 30/11/2017